Isaac Cohen ( Cabbibo )

Audio/Visual Creator


Cabbibo is a Simulation Artist based in Point Arena, California.

Their work focuses on the physicality of our digital environments, the beauty of movement, and the synesthetic properties of code. They has published an eclectic array of works ranging from audiovisual fact-learning apps, interactive experiences made from recursive algorithms, to a real-time procedural music blogs where users traverse a universe of sound.

They have exhibited work in many locations both digital and physical including SFMoMa, sp[a]ce, MOR, Sundance and Acute Art as well as collaborating with artists such as Olafur Elliason, Chris Milk and SOPHIE. In addition, They have completed commissions and residencies for a plethora of companies and research groups including Unity, Adobe, Google and Dynamicland

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Selected Interviews

Selected Exhibitions

  • 'IM || MATERIA' - Museum of Other Realities
  • 'Steps' - sp[a]ce
  • 'Audio Forager' - Teknopolis
  • 'H E N G E' - Mutek
  • 'ENOUGH' - Currents Media
  • 'My Lil Donut' - Tool VR Showcase
  • 'Float Museum' - SFMoMa
  • 'Life Of Us' - Sundance
  • Selected Collaborations

  • Olafur Elliason - 'Rainbow'
  • Chris Milk - 'Life Of Us'
  • PLAID - 'Polymer'
  • Sam Rolfes & DAWN - 'Lazarus Under Lights'
  • Kyle McDonald - 'Audio Forager'
  • Lil Data - 'H E N G E'
  • Selected Residencies

  • Unity Technologies
  • Adobe
  • Viacom
  • Leap Motion
  • Tool of North America
  • Looking Glass Factory
  • Wave XR
  • Dynamicland
  • Selected Articles


    Selected Images

    Press Shots

    Speaking Engagements

    Finding (and Making) Your Happy Place at Google

    From Objects to Scenes to Stories: An Exploration in the Dimensionality of Craft at VRLA

    Discovering Our Prismatic Reality at JS.LA

    'Enough - An Interactive Storyboook' at NVScene 2015 ( Rough Draft )

    Hi-Res Images / Gifs / Videos available on request