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ARQUA! Is a augmented reality aquarium creation tool. Players can add fish, kelp, coral, crystals and other rainbow objects to their world, slowly building a fantasy world that can be seen and explored!


From the creator of 'BLARP!', 'ENOUGH', and 'L U N E', and the producers of 'Chocolate' and 'Smash Party VR', comes a new playful toy for augmented reality!

ARQUA! is a tool for bringing fantasy to life. Users can create their very own rainbow aquarium by painting kelp, creating fish, drawing coral, and much much more. Once their aquarium is made, they can play with their new creation by pushing objects around, interacting with fish, and seeing how different parts of the enviornment react to each other

As with all of Cabbibo's creations, 'ARQUA!' is a visceral and joyful delight to behold. It promotes creative agency, as well as emotional and even spiritual wonder.

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